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Salem Paving has the right experience and technology to deliver magnificent results. Our services are fast, efficient, advanced and exactly what you need to beautify and modernize your property. A smoothly-paved surface, a heated driveway, a sturdy, streamlined retaining wall – all of these accents add to the value of your home or business.

Please take some time to review some of our services below then contact us to schedule your FREE estimate:   

Residential Paving 14

Asphalt Paving

First we excavate the area and haul off debris. Then, we apply 6 to 8 inches of stone aggregate and 2.5 inches of SM-9.5A surface mix asphalt or any other mix of asphalt, which becomes 2 inches after compaction. A well-compacted stone base is most important for asphalt work to be long lasting. Any job can look pretty, but the right compacted stone base will make the difference. We also overlay asphalt to existing paved driveways and parking lots.

Surface Treatment 1

Surface Treatment (Tar & Chip):

For driveways, base is prepared by the same process as Asphalt Paving. Up to 6 inches of stone is applied, and a Liquid Asphalt will be sprayed with our Asphalt Distributor to every inch of the driveway. Then we cover entire surface with #8 stone chips and apply compaction. This process is usually referred to as Tar & Chip and applied twice. Instead of #8 gray stone, Pea gravel (brown stone) can also be applied. 

Stamped Asphalt 10

Stamped/Decorative Asphalt

Your choices are endless! We can make your driveway look like something nobody else has. We offer a variety of different templates, colors, and designs. Application can be done to existing asphalt or newly paved asphalt. Let us design a truly unique driveway for you!

Block/Retaining Wall:

At Salem Paving, we design and build retaining walls with Allan Block, which is a leading provider of patented retaining wall systems. We install Allan Block walls less than 4' high, and will provide samples and let you choose type and color for a custom designed retaining wall that will meet your needs.

Heated Driveways:

Our heated driveway solutions will save you from endless shoveling in the harshest conditions. Once installed directly in the asphalt, the heating elements will melt ice and snow and providing safe passageway for you and your family, as well as guests to your home. This service is ideal for both residential use and commercial applications, and for any size or shape of driveway.

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